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I really benefited from the Mastermind Class with Niran Ojomo. The discussions were very direct and personal and growth focused. I would like to participate in future Mastermind classes and certainly recommend  the class to anyone who wants to be part of a group of professionals seeking to grow and keep on growing personally and professionally.

Ese, Canada

It has been a little while since you started mentoring me, but you have significantly impacted my life

Funmi, NHS England

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In a world craving holistic well being, ALIVE OR NOT ALIVE takes readers on a transformative journey through the intricate workings of the Mind, Body, and Soul. This captivating book delves into the depths of Cognitive, Physical, Emotional, Social, Environmental, and Financial wellness, unveiling the secrets to unlocking one's true potential.

ALIVE OR NOT ALIVE delves into uncharted territories, posing profound questions about the nature of existence, the boundaries of mortality, and the quest for immortality, which have evaded humankind since creation. As readers immerse themselves in the twists and turns of the story, they will question their perceptions of life and what it truly means to be ALIVE.

About Me.

Niran (Larinde) Ojomo, MD is a Trusted Advisor, COACH, Speaker and Certified Trainer. He is the founder of Forward-Thinking Generation Next, an organization that challenges individuals and organizations to re-invent themselves, adapt and be culturally relevant in an increasingly complex world.

Some Vital Sayings

Embrace Excellence

Greg Anderson

"Wellness seeks more than the absence of illness; it searches for new levels of excellence. Beyond any disease-free neutral point, wellness dedicates its efforts to our total well-being – in body, mind, and spirit.”

Be Intentional!

Jenna Wortham

"Wellness, I came to realize, will not happen by accident. It must be a daily practice, especially for those of us who are more susceptible to the oppressiveness of the world."

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