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“SEEING IS THE PROPERTY OF OUR EYES. But we also use this word in other senses, when we apply the power of vision to knowledge generally. We do not say ‘Hear how that flashes’, smell how bright that is, ‘Taste how that shines’ or Touch how that gleams’. Of all these things we say ‘see’. But we say not only ‘see how that light shines’, which only the eyes can perceive, but also ‘see how that sounds, see what smells, see what tastes, see how hard that is’. So the general experience of the senses is the lust, as scripture says, of the eyes, because seeing is a function in which eyes hold the first place but other senses claim the word for themselves by analogy when they are exploring any department.”- Augustine of Hippo, Confessions.

“STAND STILL AT YOUR PERIL or to be more precise, Stop Learning at your peril. Better yet, embrace learning, and watch what happens to your organization, your team, and your career. Excitement. Growth. Success”- Jack Welch.

My two language-enthusiast children are currently stretching and teaching me how to juggle multiple balls to stay in the mental game as we commune with Growth Mindset and spring forward in the Northern Hemisphere. To be honest it has been a challenging experience teaching ‘old dog a new trick’ and but at the same time, it has been rewarding for my well-being, particularly my Neuroplasticity. No Matter your Age, Curiosity, and learning are infectious when you surround yourself with young avid learners, right? The Human Brain contains nearly 100 billion neurons or nerve cells. And because neurons tend to make about 1000 connections each, the total number of connections is around 100 trillion (That’s a myth, your brain connections are quite varied depending on your new experiences, right?). To put things into perspective, there are probably more neutral connections in your brain than there are stars in the Milky Way Star! Developing a Learning Mindset, Active Lifestyles, and surrounding ourselves with people who adopt a positive mindset and think differently than we eventuate to improve our Brain more importantly our Cognitive reflection skills. Try to answer the question below to flex your cognitive reflection skill.

“If it takes 5 machines 5 minutes to make 5 Widgets, how long would it take 100 machines to make 100 Widgets?”

Don’t worry I didn’t get the answer the first time! The loss of one’s sense of humor in older individuals is a symptom of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. A healthy brain does indeed, seek out humor. When was the last time you laughed at yourself? If you have not done this lately, suggest you need to see your family physician for a memory assessment, just joking!

We can learn new things no matter how old we are (Most scientists don’t have a clue about Neuroplasticity in Aging). Neuroplasticity doesn’t happen overnight much like hiking through the forest neuropathways are strengthened or weakened over time due to regular use or disuse! I recently facilitated a 4-week Mastermind on 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth and served amazing people in my community with lots of humor! Growth Thrives in Conducive Environment; we mastermind on growth principles and consequently broaden our mindset, deepen our skillset, and sharpen our toolset. “Great Teaching isn’t confined to the University. Parents, Coaches, managers, and mentors are teachers as well”. The purpose of the Mastermind group is to bring like-minded people who are dedicated and motivated to make effective and lasting changes to their lives in a collective group. The Mastermind reminded me of a story of Henry Gustav Molaison known widely as H.M. He was born on February 26, 26 in Manchester, Connecticut and he suffered a case of Epilepsy that was so severe and debilitating that he couldn’t function. At 27, he had become so incapacitated by his seizures, despite high doses of anticonvulsant medication, that he could not work nor lead a normal Life. Subsequently ,he underwent experimental surgery to remove his hippocampus and amygdala in an attempt to stop his severe and frequent seizures. The surgery worked, but it also caused anterograde amnesia, in other words, he could not remember anything that happened after the surgery, for example, he didn’t recognize his doctors. He couldn’t find his way to the bathroom. When he returned home, he would do the same Sudoku every day and read the same magazines without having any memory of having done so. When his family moves to a new house, he could never remember having moved, not could he find the way to his new home, though he remembered his old one vividly. When interviewed 30 minutes after lunch, he could not recall a single item he had eaten. He could not remember having eaten at all. He was stuck in time, unable to learn, grow, and change. What a tragedy!

Do you have a sense of direction? Our greatest weakness is our susceptibility to delusions, the ability to hold a false belief against all evidence. We tend to assume that our memories are an accurate passive recorder of what has happened but our memories are plagued with several flaws that make them highly unreliable. I would suggest you attempt a 30-day tracking challenge and share with me your n=1 finding. Afterward, schedule 30mins Free Coaching Session on the website.

Coaching provides structure, and accountability and helps us to identify opportunities so that we can take the next step! For some of us who do not have the opportunity to have a Coach, Darren hardy suggests writing things down as a form of accountability. You should track every action that pertains to an area where you want to see improvement, whether it relates to finances, health, career, or relationships. He asserts, “Tracking my progress and missteps is one of the reasons I’ve accumulated the success I have. The process forces you to be conscious of your decisions.’ All of my coaching clients keep track of days/week by completing Wellness Edge and bringing it to their Coaching session. Suggest you request My Wellness Edge based on the QUATTUOR MODEL of Stress Management to have you make your unconscious habits conscious!

“WHERE THERE IS NO GUIDANCE, A Nation Falls, But in an abundance of counselors there is a safety”- Ancient Proverbs.

ARE YOU curious how your stacks up with developing new healthy habits? I have Limited Free Coaching Consultations and Mastermind program on my website. ( We may not be able to use more than 10% of our brain however would you like to read 50 books this year? If the Answer is Yes then join the 50 Books Reading Challenge 2023! We are all part of a growing community, right? You’ll have to submit your e-mail address, but we’ll only include you on our mailing list if you ask us to!

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Niran (Larinde) Ojomo is a Trusted Advisor, COACH, Speaker and Trainer certified with the Maxwell Leadership Team. He is the founder of Forward-Thinking Generation Next, a forward-thinking organization that challenges individuals and organizations to re-invent themselves, anticipate and adapt to the future and be culturally relevant in an increasingly complex globalized world.

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