August 25



“Life is short, Art is long, opportunities fleeting, experiment treacherous and judgment difficult.”

– Hippocrates

With the unparalleled rate of change, it has become more difficult for physicians to balance their Hippocratic oaths and Wellbeing. Research is beginning to show high levels of “burnout’ among physicians. The next few years will be treacherous, like science fiction, and judgment will be complex, as suggested by Hippocrates.

After my meditation, my son knocked on the door. Where is Mum? I asked him how he was feeling, and he responded that he was feeling great (Not surprising after 10 hours of sleep!) Josh is super excited and looking forward to his mental athlete game tonight! He is almost as tall as I am; he is only 11. “Time moves slowly but passes quickly.”

Let’s pause for a minute and ponder on this similar analogy: a farmer being sued because of the damage his cow caused to his neighbour’s field. Let’s imagine the animal, in this case, is an unleashed dog who bites a neighbor during his recent hiking. Hypothetical case I had to grapple with during my previous life as a senior clinician in NHS England.

Who is liable: the owner, the dog, or the neighbor?

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What is your favourite colour?

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Do you like Gold?

Not really, right?

Do you prefer Diamond?

” The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty if their dreams”

-Eleanor Roosevelt


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Niran (Larinde) Ojomo is a Trusted Advisor, COACH, Speaker and Trainer certified with the Maxwell Leadership Team. He is the founder of Forward-Thinking Generation Next, a forward-thinking organization that challenges individuals and organizations to re-invent themselves, anticipate and adapt to the future and be culturally relevant in an increasingly complex globalized world.

Niran Ojomo

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